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We are glad to introduce you our volunteers involved in our project Grundtvig! Those vols have helped us since then and we are happy to know them. Meet them as well! 
Name: Eva Bělařová
Motivation: To find new experiences in communication in current world. Elsewhere, in my opinion, in my situation I can help best myself by helping to others.



Name: Daniela Běťáková
Motivation: I think voluntary work is very important for the age 50 up (both doing and receiving). I would like get to know various possibilities and experiences with this type of work, particularly what can do older people for the oldest ones.


Name: Karel Malý
Motivation: As a member of DUHA /National youth assotiation/, I can use and share the experience gained in Ireland.




Name: Miroslav Prokeš
Motivation: I started volunteering in NGOs when I was 14 years old, in 1989 I founded Duha (national youth association, a partner of SCI since then) and was organizing the incoming and outgoing vols. When the programme 50+ was opened I took it as a big opportunity for exchange of experiences and methods. I am experienced in many fields so I hope I can contribute both in Ireland and at home upon my return.
Name: Anna Landy
Motivation: I was over 50 myself when I first got in contact with V.S.I. My first volunteer project took me to Kenya and it was magic. Thanks to V.S.I for a wonderful experience and I have been volunteering ever since. This I would be very enthusiastic about sharing with people aged 50 and over. One is as young as one feels.
When I return I would hope to have opportunity to meet with groups of people around the 50 mark and share my experience of volunteering at that age and what I got out of it. Volunteering at home or abroad. 

Name: Jacinta Dagenaar
Motivation:  During the visits I would look forward to learning about the host organisations, I would also be interested in visiting organisations and working alongside volunteers in the host country. I would similarly welcome the opportunity to visit government departments and to meet various types of volunteers along the way. I would find it really interesting to meet both the participants from my own country and the Czech Republic. I would also really enjoy discussing and exchanging experiences with both my Irish counterparts and the Czech participants. I would be keen to learn about all aspects of volunteering in the host country and in particular senior volunteering. I would be happy to share any learning with organisations in my home country and give talks if required. 

Name: Neil Farrelli
Motivation: To exchange views with other older volunteers; contrast my Irish experience as an older volunteer with that of other European participants; offer a presentation on the exchange to volunteers here in Ireland; broaden horizons and participate in a wider range of volunteer activity in the future.

Name: Anthony Carrick
Motivation: I believe that there are significant opportunities for older people to be involved as volunteers in societies. Often, people who volunteered in their younger years, drift away from volunteering as they have families, get more involved in work, etc. Often, people with families act as quasi-volunteers in the activities in which their children engage, ending up as scout / cub leaders, football coaches, etc. I would like to be able to positively encourage older people to re-engage with appropriate volunteering, with practical steps and examples.
In addition, through my work, I have been involved in trying to develop opportunities for people with disabilities (of all ages) to volunteer and I hope that this project will feed into that work. 

Are you interested in our volunteers? Take a look at our website of the project!


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